The Bookstack: Advent Edition

So, while the rest of the world may be jumping ahead to Christmas….we aren’t quite there yet in our house.  I did pull out our Advent wreath today, however.  And, being the bookish people that we are, Special Readings play a role in our Advent traditions.  Here is what is on our Advent reading stack:


The top three books on the pile are books we are reading together as a family.   The Hallelujah book is an expanded version of Cindy Rollins’ Advent devotional using Handel’s Messiah and the associated Scripture verses.  We have used the free version for many years, so I was excited to pick up a copy of this lovely expanded version when The Circe Institute published it this year.  The print copies sold out quickly, but it is still available for Kindle.   We are using this and Dickens’ Christmas Carol during our morning homeschool time, usually accompanied by a bit of coloring and occasionally a mug of hot cocoa too.  Behold the Lamb of God is a wonderfully written narrative that traces the Old Testament history from Creation to the Birth of Christ.  We will read this as a family in the evenings when we light the candles on our Advent wreath.

Eugene Peterson’s Reversed Thunder is not so much a commentary as a meditation on the book of Revelation.  Advent is a time not only to look back on Christ’s first coming but also a time to look forward with longing and expectation to His return, which made this seem like a fitting read for the season.  It came as a recommendation to me from more than one trusted source, and I am excited to dig into it.   I am also planning to use this free Daily Office guide for my personal devotional use, which features readings from Isaiah, Revelation, Psalms, and the Gospels coupled with some of the lovely prayers from the Book of Common Prayer.  If you’re intrigued by the idea of using a prayer resource like the BCP but aren’t sure where to start…this may be a good place.

Are you reading anything special during Advent?


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